Traylece Smith hails from the historically rich low country on an island just outside of Charleston. There she received an upbringing greatly influenced by a long line of strong, highly independent and outspoken women. While still at a very young age these inherited qualities first took form in eloquent and insightful poetry. Traylece’s poems evolved into songs and her elegant recitations transitioned into a powerful form of melodic expression. 

As Traylece transitioned into adulthood the goal that mattered most to her was to live life like non-other. In other words, to describe Traylece as a free spirit would most certainly be an understatement. Combining this passion for life with her highly authentic personality makes for very few dull moments. Traylece’s authenticity makes itself most evident in her music. From tear jerking ballads to in-your-face lyrical pimp slaps. At first these two extremes were in conflict until she created a home for both her inspirational and darker sides. 

The name NakedHeart was created because she found the term similar to "bearing your soul". As a strong & ambitious black woman it is her nature to build a formidable wall of protection around herself. However, as an artist one of Traylece’s quest to find the ability to peel away those layers of protection and expose her vulnerability in hopes of strengthening and inspiring others. 

The name BlackHeart was given to her alter-ego. In this mode she often unleashes both barrels of her lyrical arsenal on life’s challenges and any prey foolish enough to fall within her sites.